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March 11th, 2011

soulswallo: (SGA-Looking Upwards)
Friday, March 11th, 2011 09:04 pm
Oh.My.Fucking.God. Today was the longest day EVER! *cue dramatic flailing* I was computerless all day and I literally had nothing to do at work. Everything I could have done required a computer so I sat there and read. All day. I finished two books. And part of another one. I made plans with [ profile] oddmonster to read The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook on Monday. I'm not quite sure how we're going to work the reading together thing when we're a couple of time zones apart but I believe in the power of Twitter! I do believe in Twitter! I do! I do!

Yeah. So I'm looking forward to more uninterrupted reading time tomorrow since I still won't have a computer. I already have the next 2 1/2 books picked out.

Anyway. Books.
Book #102 - Kiss Me, Kill Me anthology - Decent enough (especially for the under-a-buck price) but the story that made it all worthwhile was Impulse Control by Susan Bischoff. I'm ready to go buy the rest of that series right now.
Book #103 - How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire (Love at Stake #1) by Kerrelyn Sparks - Definitely on the fun end of the spectrum, but the thing that stood out for me were all the Highland warriors. Delish!
Book Blogger Hop, Follow Friday & Tagalong Friday - What I'd do with $80, the essential me and how many erotic books I buy a month. Once again, [ profile] malkovich03 gets a shout out. Those that read my book blog are going to feel like they know her with all these Lacey references I'm throwing out there.

I have one more review to write and it's just not going to happen tonight. Because a day of doing nothing leaves me sleepy. For real.
I'm out.