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Tuesday, September 27th, 2011 06:30 pm
I started a marathon Buffy rewatch the other day and I'm halfway through season 2 now. Cole's watching it with me because the family that watches Buffy together, stays together. Now, I don't think I've watched Buffy since season 7 ended all those years ago. That's a cushion of a lot of years we're looking at. For the most part, the show has held up nicely. And then Buffy holds up her pager and tells Giles "If the apocalypse comes, beep me" and I dissolve into giggles.

Also, those huge ass computer monitors Willow's using in the library? Do you remember when the monitor took up the entire desktop? I DO!

Anyway. I have some GREAT Twitter conversations to share...

I bought a pair of fishnet thigh highs the other day and tweeted that I couldn't decide if I'm looked like a hooker or the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Amanda came back with this...

And this...


Meanwhile, despite what I say about him publicly, Keith Melton is slightly amusing. He might lie all the time but he comes up with little nuggets like this upon occasion to make up for it...

Have I ever mentioned that Jodi Redford and I bonded over the lack of puffer fish sex in books? True story. We have a long, complex relationship based on amphibious critters. Could you imagine the two of us meeting in real life?

And finally... I'm working on another story. One spawned on Twitter by an off the cuff tweet, it's taken on a life of its own and ... well, it's weird.

Yep. Now I'm going to go stalk... I mean, talk to people on Twitter to see what other little gems pop up.

Randomly, I'll be in Menlo Park tomorrow at Kepler's Books to meet Scott Westerfeld. He wrote the amazing Uglies books and the steampunk-y Leviathan trilogy. If anyone's going to be around, I'll be the one taking pictures of my feet and talking loudly about the delicious hard cider I can get at the bar next to the bookstore.
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Thursday, July 28th, 2011 10:05 pm
Herein lies the post I wrote up on Monday.


Cole's been watching Naruto the last few days and it's kinda annoying me. I really don't remember it being so ... loud. And braying. God, I feel like I'm getting old when cartoons are starting to bug the fuck out of me. The loudness is especially annoying because I'm trying to finish up a scene in the EWM#1 and I really can't concentrate with it blaring behind me. You might be thinking "Well, Kelly. Send Cole out of your room and you won't have to listen to that damn show." You'd be correct. Yet, I'd rather bitch at the moment.

I'm pleased to announce that I finished reading the last of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books I own. It was an emotional journey, yet I did it.

I think I want to attempt to finish that EWM#1 scene one more time. Which means I have to babble about books for a minute...
Book #293 - Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood #8) by J.R. Ward - Outstanding worldbuilding, characters that don't quit and storylines that are revisited and expanded brilliantly... I'm in love with this entire series. LOVE!

That last BDB book was a 2 day book. 2 days of concentrated reading. It was lengthy. And fabulous. I'm tempted to get the next in the series but I keep reminding myself that I want to wait until it comes out in paperback so it'll fit on the shelf with the rest of the BDB books. I know. Awesome plan.

I'm done.
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Friday, June 24th, 2011 09:48 pm
I had to work today. I don't normally work on Fridays but the boss lady took the day off and I needed the money so I stepped up. It was sooooooo.slooooooow. Excruciatingly slow. The type of slow that people make up metaphors with. I rented my only vacant apartment in the morning and then spent 2+ hours without any human contact. Slow. Slow, slow, slow.

Yeah, I got a lot of reading done. That's always a good thing. And then I realize that I've read a ridiculous amount of books already this year and it's almost starting to embarrass me. Almost.

So. Books. Because I had a lot of time on my hands today.
Book #251 - Friendly Fire by Megan Hart - Sexy. Very, very sexy. I liked it.
Book #252 - Unlocked (Turner #1.5) by Courtney Milan - And this one made me cry. Lovely, sweet and sad. Not in that order.
Book #253 - The Seven Year Witch (That Old Black Magic #2) by Jodi Redford - Loved this one. Loved it. Fast paced, dark, gorgeous worldbuilding and characters that made me swoon. Oh, and it was hot, hot, hot.

I'm going to go spend time with the beastling. We're back to watching Firefly. Excellent.
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Saturday, June 18th, 2011 09:49 pm
Today was a nonstop day of people coming into the office to inquire about apartments without actually committing to renting one. It was annoying simply because I think I repeated the same thing about 50 times and have nothing to show for it. Also? It totally cut into my reading time. Isn't that awful?

I don't know if I've actually mentioned this here or just on Twitter but my mom has decided that we're going to start a home cake pop business. We had an order of 30 Cat in the Hat hats that we got yesterday for delivery today. Those were hard. My mom and I spent a couple of hours last night trying to figure out how to make them look like hats and then how to decorate them to look like the Cat's. Diff.i.cult. Allow me to show you in pictures...
Someone ask me what those poo-like things are in the backgrou... on Twitpic These are the Cat in the Hat cake pops we're making. The... on Twitpic

The first pic is my darling boy with the uncoated cake columns in the background. They totally look like poop. Naturally, that means that I had millions of jokes about them. The second pic has the completed hats in the foreground and the half-dipped hats in the background. They turned out so so so so much better than I thought they would. I was impressed with the end product.

So, yeah. Cake pops.

Anyway. Books. I got 'em.
Book #240 - Embraced by Blood (Sweetblood #2) by Laurie London - Vampires! Lovely, lovely vampires! I really like the mythology of this series. It's fun and just different enough to feel fresh.
Book #241 - Kindling the Moon (Arcadia Bell #1) by Jenn Bennett - This was an incredibly fun book. It just worked for me.
Book Blogger Hop, Follow Friday & Tagalong Friday (06/17/11) - The TBR pile, favorite genres and one sexy man with a bunch of sexy tattoos.

Okay. I'm off to go watch a few eps of Firefly.
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Monday, June 13th, 2011 09:06 pm
The kids and I took the dogs to the dog park this morning. Bailey rolled around in every patch of mud and dirt she could find. She was adorably filthy by the time we left. Needless to say, both dogs got a bath today. Heck, I practically needed a bath by the time we were done bathing them.

In totally random news, [ profile] malkovich03 had to make an emergency trip out of state and I miss her. I have a book signing I'm going to tomorrow and we would have gone to dinner to catch up on life and various other things (things which mostly involve me inserting the words "cock" and "screaming orgasms" into the conversation while trying to keep my voice down so the patrons at the next table don't hear about sleep orgasms. No fooling. Hey, researching for writing sex scenes is a dirty job and I'm happy to do it!) before the signing but now I'm just going to go, get my book and find a coffee shop to read at until I can read at the bookstore.

Thus far, I've watched all of disc 1 of Firefly with Hailey. Episodes: Serenity parts 1 & 2, The Train Job and Bushwhacked. Hailey still isn't convinced that it's as good as The Walking Dead but I told her she had to give it a chance before making such a sweeping declaration.

And now onto the books...
Book #234 - Shameless (The House of Rohan #4) by Anne Stuart - I really, kinda, pretty much loved this book. Historical shenanigans, FTW!
Book #235 - Solid (Solid #1) by Shelley Workinger - A well-written, nicely fleshed-out young adult novel. It has a mad scientist in it. Well, a mad scientist conducts experiments in the prologue and then the kids he experimented on have to deal with the fallout, so he's not actually in it in it, but... oh, nevermind.
Felicity Heaton's great e-book summer savings - Felicity's offering her newest paranormal vampire romance for $0.99 through July 1st. As an aside, I've read quite a few of her books. And I've liked them all.

Okay. I'm done.
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Sunday, June 12th, 2011 09:00 pm
This morning on the way to Target, we (my mom, sis, Hailey and myself) came across a car that had crashed the wrong way into some bushes. The way the car was situated you couldn't see it from the road, we only saw it because we were at the cross street and had an unobstructed view through the bushes. Anyway. My mom called 911 to report it and the dispatcher asked her if she could see the license plate. My mom, being my mom, made me pull over so she could get out of the car and walk through the field to give it to her. As she's walking up to the car she's telling the dispatcher that she really hoped their wasn't a dead body in it. There wasn't, for the record.

So. After she tells us this I'm all, "Well, if there had been a dead body that's one thing you can mark off your bucket list."

Dead silence in the car.

Me, "What? Seeing a dead body isn't on your list of things you want to experience before you die?"

Everyone else, "NO!"

Me, "Huh. I guess that's just me then."

Sometimes I wonder how I ended up so awesome with such a mundane family.

On an entirely unrelated note, Hailey and I started watching Firefly today. This is all because one of the authors I follow on Twitter has just fallen into the wonders of space cowboys and she's been talking about it. Oh, Nathan Fillion. You are so wonderful as my beloved Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

In bookish news:
Book #233 - Dark Desires After Dusk (Immortals After Dark #6) by Kresley Cole - I likened this series to a light-hearted version of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunters. So.Damn.Much.Fun.
In My Mailbox - Those advance copies of books killed me this week. And I was doing so well on getting my TBR pile down.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to take the dogs to the dog park and wash my car. I might even try my hand at making some cake balls. (Haha. Cake balls. Yes, I'm 12.) The ones my sister made today were DELICIOUS. They were chocolate cake with chocolate coating. It was like biting into a decadent chocolate truffle. Yum, yum, yum.

I am done.
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Saturday, June 11th, 2011 08:00 pm
I'm so tired all of a sudden that I can't think. Uggh. I did the all-day work thing and then jaunted over to Amb and Phil's house to celebrate my mom's birthday (early because the family seems to be scattering to the four corners after this week). I'm just... exhausted now.

I'm tired enough that getting my book recap ready for the day seems like too much work. We'll see how I feel when I get to the end of this post.

Randomly, I let Cole sign up for the free Netflix trial with the idea being that he can stream the movies and TV shows through his Xbox 360. Umm, I barely see the kid now that he doesn't have to come into my room to watch TV. It's nice because I don't have my TV blaring when I'm trying to read but... huh. We'll see how long this lasts. I told him that if he watches things on it, I'm willing to pay for it but he also has to be fairly responsible with it. Meaning, no marathon 24/7 watching.

Which is totally something I'd do, justsoyouknow.

Okay. I think I can do a book recap. Pretty sure.
Book #231 - Firestorm (Weather Warden #5) by Rachel Caine - I LOVED this ending. Loved it. Just... awesome! I'm totally going to read book 6 as soon as I clear out the review requests due by the end of the month.
Book #232 - The Trouble With Spells (Of Witches and Warlocks #1) by Lacey Weatherford - I liked the book but I felt like the beginning was written for a younger reading set. There were a lot of simple sentences and repetition. This didn't detract from the book too much but it was something I noticed.
Book Blogger Hop, Follow Friday & Tagalong Friday - Favorite Authors, Male Prostitutes & shirtless cowboys. All the things I need to make my weekends nice.

I'm going to take the dogs out one last time, brush my teeth and then curl up into a ball on the bed and watch some terrible sci-fi movies. Wish me luck.
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Saturday, May 28th, 2011 09:28 pm
The day of fun, food and Zombies has come to an end. [ profile] malkovich03, [ profile] jenah, & [ profile] kimbrchick came over and we ate a delicious meal followed by season 1 of The Walking Dead.

It was awesome to see all of them, especially since we haven't managed a get together since around Christmas. It's all my fault, too. You know, since I work on Saturdays and all. Anyway. It was totally great to catch up and do the TV thing. Yay, for friends!

All I can say is... it was a good day.
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Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 09:03 pm
Umm... today's dinner conversation was wholly inappropriate and involved me using my faux-Austrian accent to turn formerly wholesome Arnold Schwarzenegger movie lines into naughty one-liners.
"It's not a tumor! It's an erection!" (Alternately... it's a boner!)
It wasn't pretty. But it was pretty funny.

Btw, I watched the season finale of Castle and it was pretty awesome.
That's all I'm going to say about that.

In the realm of stuff that doesn't involve TV or bad imitations of formerly funny movies, I'm going to be working alone all next week. My boss lady is going on vacation so I'm holding down the fort. I expect to do lots of reading. No fooling.

Okay. Onto things of a bookish variety.
Book #199 - Ascension (Shadow & Light Trilogy #1) by Felicity Heaton - A whole lot of fun with a sexy, uber-powerful demon. Lovely.
Book #200 - The Iron King (Iron Fey #1) by Julia Kagawa - Holy Hannah! I loved this one. I had my doubts at the beginning but the book slayed me.
Book #201 - Winter's Passage (Iron Fey #1.5) by Julie Kagawa - And since I loved book 1 so much I jumped right into the the follow-up novella. Loved it!
Teaser Tuesday - Fae and Vampires! I've pretty much finished both of these books already. Awesome.

I have read TWO HUNDRED books this year. That's a lot of books.

Okay. I'm done.
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Sunday, May 15th, 2011 08:47 pm
Hailey, Cole and I are watching The Walking Dead again. Or at least the first episode. I freely admit that this series is well worth watching more than once. The fact that there are only six episodes total means that you can zip through the entire season very quickly.

So. Today at Cole's football game it started raining on us. I was like, "I can't have my Kindle out in the rain!" Which goes to show you what I do at my son's football games. So I sat in my car and watched the game from the parking lot.

I'm kinda the worse mom ever, aren't I?

Anyway. Books.
Book #195 - Hell by Randy Noble - And reason #1,263 why you shouldn't hitchhike and/or take rides from strangers.
Book #196 - Ecstasy by Bella Andre - Where I get to mention that the word "vagina" is not my favorite word for girl parts in erotica.
In My Mailbox - 19 books for six cents. I think I did pretty good this week.

Okay. We've switched over to season 4 of Stargate Atlantis. Have I ever mentioned that I'm kinda in love with Ronon? Jason Momoa is so damn big. And pretty. And his smile is just disarmingly melting. I think this means I'm going to be seeing Conan when it hits the theaters. Hello, sexy muscles!

On that note...
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Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 09:44 pm
Hailey got it in her head the other day that she wanted to watch The Walking Dead. We only have the last episode left and she's all into it. I have great hopes that she'll survive whatever the forthcoming Zombie Apocalypse throws at us. Yeah, the Zombie Apocalypse. She's going to have some mad survival skills. She'll be bashing those Zombies in the head and destroying their brains before anyone else realizes that the walking dead have risen.

I am so proud to be able to write that.

In slightly less apocalyptic news, I worked hard today. I think this is the first day I've done this since I started. It was interesting. Especially when you factor in that I still managed to get half a book read at work. I kinda rock, guys. It's true.

And since I'm already talking about books, here's my itty bitty recap for today:
Teaser Tuesday - Angel Assassins, Weather Wardens and Ordinary Wizards!

And that pretty much sums up the day.
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Sunday, May 8th, 2011 09:03 pm
My wee beastly boy (who really isn't all that wee anymore seeing as how he's nearly as tall as I am. I can hear all of you that know how tall I am laughing hysterically at this point and saying that the fact that he's nearly as tall as me is nothing to write home about) slept from 6:30 last night until 6:30 this morning. The little brat was tired, I guess.

Anyway. For Mother's Day he gave me a Karma necklace shaped in a spiral that says "What goes around comes around". Lol! My kid knows me so well.

Hailey asked me if we could watch The Walking Dead earlier and naturally I agreed. Somewhere along the way I started chatting with [ profile] oddmonster on Twitter about Zombies. I'm proud to announce that Odd shamed me into cracking open my Zompocalypse short and cranked out 450 or so words. Not great, I know, but I still have time tonight to get some more done on that. Hopefully I can finish it up in a few thousand more words and get back to writing the epic Zompocalypse Morgan Hill story. I'm not promising anything but there might possibly be a cursed glass eye that makes an appearance.

In totally random news, I started watching Game of Thrones and really wasn't all that impressed by it. Now, I wasn't fully focused on it so that might have been part of the problem but the first episode seemed incredibly slow. Incredibly. Like, I kept waiting for something to happen and finally I just turned it off. I'll try again at some later date but I'm not really feeling the love at this point.

So. Book stuff. Of which I don't have a ton.
In My Mailbox - A couple of fun ones. Yay!
As an aside, I'm going to attempt to get my TBR pile down by tracking it weekly on my IMM posts. My starting point? 224 books. Let's see how I do on taming that beast!

Okay. I have a sweeping story about Zombies and blood to write.
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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 09:00 pm
Cole's sick. I'm feeling under the weather. It's not fun. Driving home from work sucked, btw. I was feeling very poorly and I didn't enjoy it at all.

But enough about me.


Shush. I'm thinking.
Yeah. I got nothing.

So. Books.
Book #177 - At Grave's End (Night Huntress #3) by Jeaniene Frost - I LOVED THIS ONE! I'M SWOONING HERE!
Teaser Tuesday - Forgotten people, disappearing people and Cat & Bones (my favorite vampire/half-vampire couple EVER)!

I'm going to go watch Stargate Atlantis with the boy. He needs some quality time with me and the Pegasus Galaxay.
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Monday, April 25th, 2011 08:27 pm
The sore throat that I could have sworn I banished to the fires of Mount Doom has returned with a vengeance. I've been giving it a beady-eyed glare for the better part of the day and it IGNORES ME. Can you believe this? I can't. Obviously when I pull out my death glare it means I'm serious and the sore throat needs to disappear. Obviously.

On top of that, both kids are home on Spring Break. Hailey and I watched Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory because I needed a break from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. At the end of WW Hailey told me the movie was weird. I was like, "Well, YEAH! 70's hair is always weird. ALWAYS!" Seriously, the hair just about killed me. Gene Wilder's crazy, extreme side part. I really want a picture of it so I'll never forget the awesome scariness. Please stand by.

I am so afraid right now. Hold me.

Okay. Books.
Book #164 - Photographs & Phantoms (Gaslight Chronicles #1.5) by Cindy Spencer Pape - Revisiting some of the gang from Steam & Sorcery and meeting some fun, new characters. Sweet!
Book #165 - The Demon Queen and the Locksmith by Spencer Baum - Weird title, neat book. I'll give you a hint, guys... bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. I hate bugs, btw. Hate 'em. But I liked this book.

I think I'm going to try to catch up on those shows that have decided to breed and multiply on my DVR. What's that about, btw? I swear I had cleared that thing out not to long ago.
I'm out.
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Sunday, April 24th, 2011 09:19 pm
For not eating all that much why do I feel like I'm going to explode? Blech. To combat this I'm going to watch a few episodes of The Walking Dead. Because dead-ish things are always enjoyable on a full stomach.

But first...
In My Mailbox - I was a good girl this week. I spent less than $2 on books. I rock, babies. ROCK!

Time for Zombies!
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Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 09:16 pm
Today, I think I saw 10 people in my office. TEN. It was phenomenally slow. So I finished two books and worked my way to about the halfway point of another. I wrote up 3 reviews. I answered the phone.

Which means that it was pretty much a normal Saturday for me.

Cole's home. I haven't seen him since he barricaded himself in his room as soon as his dad dropped him off to play whatever video game has caught his attention this week. I'm so tired right now, though, that it's probably a good thing. I'd be saying nonsensical things to him if we were trying to carry on a conversation.

Which, for some reason, reminds me that I'm all caught up on The Vampire Diaries. Good golly, that show's been amazing lately. Although I could have done without the whole Mia Kirshner thing. Her acting was so stilted. Especially when she was paired up onscreen with Nina Dobrev who has such an amazing range. Poor Mia. I don't remember her being as wooden in Wolf Lake. Does anybody remember that show. Paul Wesley was in it also. Although he went by a different name. He can't fool me, though. I know it was him.

Okay. Things of a bookish variety.
Book #161 - Lucas (Black Cougar #1) by Eliza Gayle - Well, this one started out strong and then it died on me.
Book #162 - Serenity's Dream (The Sapphire Club #1) by Brita Addams - and... no. A little character development would have been nice.
Book #163 - No Rest for the Wicca by Toni LoTempio - Finally one where I didn't end up confused by either the characters or the ending. I was getting worried there for a while.

Well. I'm pretty tired. I think I'll finish watching Fringe and then go to bed.
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Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 08:20 pm
I had a perfectly uneventful day. Just about all I did was go to Trader Joe's with my mom to get some food. You know, right after I went crazy and quit my job I used to buy so so so so much stuff from them. Then I stopped. Now that I'm gainfully employed again I've found myself dropping in every so often for fun and exciting things like grapefruit. Do you think the two are somehow related?

That paragraph is painful to read but I'm not going to change it. I like being painful sometimes. Painfully FUNNY, that is. Which that paragraph isn't. So. Yeah. Sorry about that.

I did get all caught up on my reviews. At least until tomorrow. Because tomorrow's a work day and we all know how I like to lounge around reading at work.
Book #138 - Flash Gold by Lindsay Buroker - This was a fun little story that I'd love to see expanded.
Book #139 - A Highlander of Her Own (Daughters of the Glen #4) by Melissa Mayhue - A Highlander time travel romance that was just FUN to read.
Book #140 - A Savage Lust (Pride Brothers #3) by H.C. Brown - Umm, yeah. I wasn't really enamoured of this one. It can be so hard coming into a series mid stream and this one didn't work for me.

I think I'm going to hit my reading goal for the year. Yeah? Only 10 books to go! What do you think? By next week. I'll give it a try!

Okay. I'm done. I'm going to hang with the kid and watch The Paranormal Files.
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Sunday, March 20th, 2011 07:59 pm
I have done nothing today. I read a little. I slept a little. I watched a few episodes of Supernatural season 4. I did manage to make it up to Target but I only bought cereal. Go figure.

However, my slug-like tendencies today were offset by the wedding the fam went to yesterday. It was in Sacramento and the drive kinda sucked. It rained. Hard. I don't so much care for the driving in the rain. Especially when it's coming down so hard you can't see the lines on the road. Yeah. Not fun.

The wedding was nice. Short, to the point and I got to see all the extended family. Nice.

So, there.

I did a bunch of bookish-type things. Because I do that sometimes.
Book #112 - Wild Desire by Lori Brighton - A fun, historical romance with a touch of the paranormal. More than a touch, actually. I liked it.
Book #113 - Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs (Jane Jameson #1) by Molly Harper - Not a bad book, but not really my cup of tea. It's that whole "humorous paranormal romances tend to try to hard" lament that I've harped on before.
Book #114 - Maggie's Mates by Bronwyn Green - A sexy threesome with black bear shifters. I didn't even know those type of shifters existed.
On My Wishlist - Random, low priced books that I want.
In My Mailbox - I was good this week. Mostly.

I'm all caught up now. Isn't that awesome!?!?
Okay. I have to start some laundry and make sure Cole's lunch is made and other exciting stuff that I don't want to overwhelm you with.
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Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 09:20 pm
The boy is still not feeling well. Poor kid. He hasn't eaten much of anything today and he keeps taking naps. Unlike his mom, he NEVER naps. So this is huge, guys. Huge!

Since he's been bed-bound for the past couple of days, we've watched through the end of season 2 of Supernatural. I am loving it like you wouldn't believe. Oh, boys! How wonderful and stabby you are.

Okay. Book stuff:
Book #109 - The Iron Duke (Iron Seas #1) by Meljean Brook - I seriously loved the worldbuilding here. The picture Meljean Brooks paints with words is fabulous. I can see the clockworks, the automatons, the flying ships. And I loved it.

And the climactic season 2 finale is just starting to heat up. I must away!
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Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 10:14 pm
My kiddo has an unhappy tummy. He stayed home from school yesterday and he was sent home today. Poor guy. He told me, in this pathetic little voice, "Mom, we don't have any soup." Awww. I'm sorry, wee beastie! If I had know you weren't going to be feeling well I would have stocked up on soup and crackers. *pats him on the head*

Today's commute sucked ASS. Seriously. It took me forever to get to work this morning and forever to get home this afternoon. Meanwhile, when I left, my BRAND NEW computer was being set up. For those of you that haven't been following my moaning and wailing on Twitter, I've been without a computer at work since last Thursday. I literally have nothing to do without a computer except answer phones and make copies. It made for a very long Saturday. The only silver lining is that I can read a shitload of books without the distraction of the internet at work. Awesome, yet I'll still be mighty pleased to have my computer back.

The downside of all this is that we lost our entire database of tenants. Yikes. Over the next few weeks we're going to have to re-input all the tenant information. It'll be like 260 apartments are being newly rented all at once.

Yes, I might go insane at some point.

And on that note... Books!
Book #108 - Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) by Patricia Briggs - There was a lot of stuff I liked about this book and I'm completely looking forward to reading the others in the series.
Teaser Tuesday (03/15/11) - Steampunkery on the high seas, mystery & mayhem, and a shapeshifting car mechanic.

I'm nearly done with The Iron Duke and I'm pretty much loving it.

Alright. I have to wake the boy enough to whisk him off to his own bed. Poor guy.

PS: I've finished Supernatural season 1 and I'm a couple of episodes into season 2. I forgot how much I liked these early episodes.