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Tuesday, September 27th, 2011 06:30 pm
I started a marathon Buffy rewatch the other day and I'm halfway through season 2 now. Cole's watching it with me because the family that watches Buffy together, stays together. Now, I don't think I've watched Buffy since season 7 ended all those years ago. That's a cushion of a lot of years we're looking at. For the most part, the show has held up nicely. And then Buffy holds up her pager and tells Giles "If the apocalypse comes, beep me" and I dissolve into giggles.

Also, those huge ass computer monitors Willow's using in the library? Do you remember when the monitor took up the entire desktop? I DO!

Anyway. I have some GREAT Twitter conversations to share...

I bought a pair of fishnet thigh highs the other day and tweeted that I couldn't decide if I'm looked like a hooker or the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Amanda came back with this...

And this...


Meanwhile, despite what I say about him publicly, Keith Melton is slightly amusing. He might lie all the time but he comes up with little nuggets like this upon occasion to make up for it...

Have I ever mentioned that Jodi Redford and I bonded over the lack of puffer fish sex in books? True story. We have a long, complex relationship based on amphibious critters. Could you imagine the two of us meeting in real life?

And finally... I'm working on another story. One spawned on Twitter by an off the cuff tweet, it's taken on a life of its own and ... well, it's weird.

Yep. Now I'm going to go stalk... I mean, talk to people on Twitter to see what other little gems pop up.

Randomly, I'll be in Menlo Park tomorrow at Kepler's Books to meet Scott Westerfeld. He wrote the amazing Uglies books and the steampunk-y Leviathan trilogy. If anyone's going to be around, I'll be the one taking pictures of my feet and talking loudly about the delicious hard cider I can get at the bar next to the bookstore.
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Sunday, September 25th, 2011 02:02 pm
Today I discovered Nutella. Apparently, people feel very strongly about Nutella because as soon as I started tweeting about it the replies started coming in.


*blink, blink*

I had no idea Nutella was such a driving force...
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Friday, September 23rd, 2011 08:08 pm
I've been spending A LOT of time on twitter lately. A LOT!

Allow me to illustrate this statement:

Yes, werewolves are a common theme in my tweets. That and severed heads. Go figure.

Rehvenge is my book boyfriend from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. When Rehvenge tweets me I lose all ability to form sentences.

Smurf Boobs. Smurf boobs and quirk. *nods*

So, yeah. Since this was a tiny, tiny snapshot of how I spend my days while at work, you can imagine how some of these conversations evolve. You can apparently always find me on Twitter. Join me and be afraid!
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Thursday, July 21st, 2011 09:24 pm
Do you guys remember all the times that I got it in my head that I needed a project and then proceeded to choose the most INANE things to project on? Yeah. Me, too. Oh, the hijinks that ensued that time I decided that I was going to listen to every song on my iPod at least one time within a calendar year. And, of course, being that I can't just have a project but I have to have a project, dahling, I ended up listening to every song within a three month period. I think I had that iPod on constantly for weeks on end. Which is probably why it crashed and burned and left me weeping.

But I digress. I get it in my head that I need a project and somehow it blows up and ends up being a huge-ass experience and I'm like, "Whoa. What just happened?" Yeah, I totally channeled Keanu there. Whoa. Speaking of Keanu, for some reason I've been wanting to watch Johnny Mnemonic recently. I don't know why. That movie really isn't very good. I mean, if I'm going to go the Keanu route I should really go with The Matrix which is both entertaining and weirdly cool and not just weird. Right?

Anyway. My latest project. Yeah. I decided that I wanted to redo the tags at my book blog to make them more user friendly. That makes sense, right? Because people aren't going to bother going to your blog if they can't find the things they're looking for. I spent HOURS yesterday adding author names to all the posts. That's 750+ posts, guys. SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY PLUS! And I did it. And then I decided that while that was good, it wasn't good enough. Today I'm going back through those posts and re-tagging them to make them even easier to navigate. I think my head might explode. EXPLODE!

Why do I do this to myself? Oh, wait. I remember. It's because I have an excess of awesomeness. *face palm*

I do have a few bookish things to get out of the way...
Book #289 - Heartless (The Parasol Protectorate #4) by Gail Carriger - Oh, how I love this series. I'm sad that I have to wait a year to see how it ends. :(
Book Blogger Hop, Follow Friday & Tagalong Friday (07/22/11) - I'm not a fan of classics, I ramble on Twitter and *fans self* nice picture!

On top of all that up there, I also wrote up this note for my sister this morning...

I think the underlining really brings the point across that this is VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS!

Okay. I'm off.
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Saturday, June 18th, 2011 09:49 pm
Today was a nonstop day of people coming into the office to inquire about apartments without actually committing to renting one. It was annoying simply because I think I repeated the same thing about 50 times and have nothing to show for it. Also? It totally cut into my reading time. Isn't that awful?

I don't know if I've actually mentioned this here or just on Twitter but my mom has decided that we're going to start a home cake pop business. We had an order of 30 Cat in the Hat hats that we got yesterday for delivery today. Those were hard. My mom and I spent a couple of hours last night trying to figure out how to make them look like hats and then how to decorate them to look like the Cat's. Diff.i.cult. Allow me to show you in pictures...
Someone ask me what those poo-like things are in the backgrou... on Twitpic These are the Cat in the Hat cake pops we're making. The... on Twitpic

The first pic is my darling boy with the uncoated cake columns in the background. They totally look like poop. Naturally, that means that I had millions of jokes about them. The second pic has the completed hats in the foreground and the half-dipped hats in the background. They turned out so so so so much better than I thought they would. I was impressed with the end product.

So, yeah. Cake pops.

Anyway. Books. I got 'em.
Book #240 - Embraced by Blood (Sweetblood #2) by Laurie London - Vampires! Lovely, lovely vampires! I really like the mythology of this series. It's fun and just different enough to feel fresh.
Book #241 - Kindling the Moon (Arcadia Bell #1) by Jenn Bennett - This was an incredibly fun book. It just worked for me.
Book Blogger Hop, Follow Friday & Tagalong Friday (06/17/11) - The TBR pile, favorite genres and one sexy man with a bunch of sexy tattoos.

Okay. I'm off to go watch a few eps of Firefly.
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Friday, May 27th, 2011 08:47 pm
Holy Hannah! I made it through and entire Monday thru Friday work week. It was touch and go for a while there but I had [ profile] malkovich03 do some virtual hand holding today on Twitter and coax me thru the rough patches.

You know, I used to work ridiculous amounts of hours every week. Every day of every week. Now I can't even work a measly 5 days in a row at 6 hours per day. It's like my brain got broken or something. Or it's like ... my brain got... no, I already said that.

Anyway. I was going to recreate the Twitter conversations I engaged in today but that seems like waaaay too much work so... yeah. Not happening. However, I did tweet a picture of my red and black hair (complete with hot pink scalp) to Mal this morning...
Red and black, babies. red and black.

As a random aside, I wore really cute red plaid shoes to work today. Totally impractical with four inch heels but they fucking rocked!

Okay. Books.
Book #212 - Graveminder by Melissa Marr - I couldn't put this book down. It has this gorgeous creepy, slow-build feel to it that was so very, very captivating.
Book #213 - Fragile Eternity (Wicked Lovely #3) by Melissa Marr - Look! I'm having a Melissa Marr-a-thon. That's because I'm going to meet her next Friday. Book signings are so fun. Especially when I get to hang with Mal and be catty. This book? Awesome. Loved it. But then, I do tend to love those wicked, wicked Fae.
Book Blogger Hop, Follow Friday & Tagalong Friday - The best part about this post is my totally fictional account of what the poor model guy had to deal with during his nuded up photoshoot. Ha! I make myself laugh.

I have [ profile] malkovich03, [ profile] jenah and [ profile] kimbrchick coming over tomorrow and I've pretty much done everything I was planning on doing tonight. This includes cleaning, vacuuming and getting some of the food made. AWESOME!

Okay. Now I'm done.
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Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 08:57 pm
Yesterday, as you may recall, I wasn't feeling all that well and I lazed around after work, sleeping and reading. I felt poorly enough that I skipped dinner, which means that around 11 last night I was hit by the munchies. I ignored the hunger pains, though, and just went to bed.

Somehow today was a complete turnaround. I woke up feeling absolutely better (although I was hungry) and I proceeded to do all those things I've been putting off lately. I vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, dusted, cleaned my room, did some laundry, made some laundry detergent, shaved my legs and napped.

Now, the leg shaving doesn't sound like it would be all that impressive (I do shave on a semi-regular basis, I swear!) but there was a whole hysterical laughter thing I had going on with Cole when I reminded him of the time we were watching Alien Resurrection and how Dan Hedaya had the hairiest freaking shoulders EVER. I provide you with proof:

I swear to you that my legs looked nothing like that. I SWEAR! *blink, blink*

The point in all this is that I was a possessed maniac today with the getting of things done. I did way too much. Well, maybe not too much, but I did a lot.

Okay. Books.
Book #178 - Bite Club (Morganville Vampires #10) by Rachel Caine - I love the Morganville gang. Love them. They always find such delicious mayhem.

Well, I'm hot (in a sweaty way) and I kinda want to see if I have any peanut butter and chocolate hidden away somewhere.
I'm away.
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Monday, April 25th, 2011 08:27 pm
The sore throat that I could have sworn I banished to the fires of Mount Doom has returned with a vengeance. I've been giving it a beady-eyed glare for the better part of the day and it IGNORES ME. Can you believe this? I can't. Obviously when I pull out my death glare it means I'm serious and the sore throat needs to disappear. Obviously.

On top of that, both kids are home on Spring Break. Hailey and I watched Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory because I needed a break from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. At the end of WW Hailey told me the movie was weird. I was like, "Well, YEAH! 70's hair is always weird. ALWAYS!" Seriously, the hair just about killed me. Gene Wilder's crazy, extreme side part. I really want a picture of it so I'll never forget the awesome scariness. Please stand by.

I am so afraid right now. Hold me.

Okay. Books.
Book #164 - Photographs & Phantoms (Gaslight Chronicles #1.5) by Cindy Spencer Pape - Revisiting some of the gang from Steam & Sorcery and meeting some fun, new characters. Sweet!
Book #165 - The Demon Queen and the Locksmith by Spencer Baum - Weird title, neat book. I'll give you a hint, guys... bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. I hate bugs, btw. Hate 'em. But I liked this book.

I think I'm going to try to catch up on those shows that have decided to breed and multiply on my DVR. What's that about, btw? I swear I had cleared that thing out not to long ago.
I'm out.
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Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 08:54 pm
Oh, I had a fabulous time at the book signing last night. Cassandra Clare and Holly Black were an absolute hoot together. I think a large part of it stems from the fact that they're friends in real life and not just two authors who happen to be touring together to promote their books. They were riffing off each other and they are just really fantastic women who put on a great Q&A.

I also happened to spy author Lisa Desrochers (author of Personal Demons) hanging out on the periphery (she was there to meet the ladies, not as part of the signing) and she ended up sitting next to me. I got to talk to her one-on-one about her books, her contract, the sexy teasers she's been leaking for her upcoming book and just writing stuff in general. It was one of the coolest and most unexpected things to have happen and I absolutely loved it. I did manage to wrangle a picture with her...

[ profile] malkovich03 took the picture and she snapped it just as Holly Black was passing behind us. So although I don't have pictures of CC and HB during the actual signing (there were probably between 200 and 300 people there so they didn't have time to chat excessively or pose for pictures), I do have that action shot of Holly Black scooting past us.

As a random aside, I kept getting compliments on my fingerless gloves yesterday. The girl at Peet's Coffee was almost drooling over them and Cassandra Clare told me she really, really liked them. Fingerless gloves WIN!

On top of all that, I met a lovely blogger who lives in the Stanford area and Mal and I got to giggle over the massive amount of teen angst floating through the room. I was also recognized by the lady who organizes the event since she had just seen me on Sunday for the Kelley Armstrong signing.


Final count for the books I got signed last night:
Holly Black: 10 total (5 from the Spiderwick series, 3 from The Modern Faerie Tales series and 2 from the Curse Workers series)
Cassandra Clare: 5 total (3 from the original Mortal Intstruments series, 1 from the 2nd Mortal Instruments cycle and 1 from The Infernal Devices series)

So, yeah. I'm happy with what I came home with.

I also managed to get a few reviews written. Which is nice because now I feel REALLY accomplished.
Book #144 - A Lady Never Tells (Willowmere #1) by Candace Camp - A totally engrossing historical that happens to be a free read at Pocket After Dark until April 30th.
Book #145 - Catch of a Lifetime (Tritone Trilogy #3) by Judi Fennell - Cute, but ultimately not really my type of book.
Book #146 - Venice Vampyr (Venice Vampyr #1) by Tina Folsom - I liked this one, but I was expecting a lot more from it.
Book #147 - Trey (Red, Hot & Blue #1) by Cat Johnson - Look! A contemporary romance I LIKED!

Okay. I've gone on and on and on here. I guess I can stop babbling now.
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Thursday, March 10th, 2011 09:15 pm
Whoa. Totally bizarre day today. My office was broken into last night and they stole my computer. So when I got to work this morning, I had nothing to do. We closed down the office for the day so our computer guy could go pick up a new computer for me and I came home.

Except that I made the mistake of stopping at the Borders that's closing on the way home. Oops. $70 later I forced myself to leave the store. Bad, Kelly. Bad, bad, bad. I'm thrilled with the books I got but I really shouldn't have bought any until I work through my massive To Be Read pile.

Oh, well. I'm not going to beat myself up over it.

I'll leave you with this, which I think is one of the HOTTEST covers I've seen in a long time and which I bought because I want the option of looking at it whenever I damn well please. Oh, and the original photo because...yum:

I haven't written any reviews today. This is what happens when my day it thrown all out of whack.

I'm out.
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Sunday, February 6th, 2011 09:29 pm
I don't want anyone to be horribly shocked by this but I'm not a big football fan. In fact, I', not much of a big Any-type-of-sports fan. I enjoy hockey upon occasion, but I rarely watch an entire game and I sure as hell don't drop everything whenever a game is on. the point in this is that although I wandered over to Amb's house today while the Superbowl was on, I neither knew who was playing nor cared all that much who won. I went. I played with Baby R. I ate. I read. I came home.

Speaking of Baby R, here's a totally adorkable picture of him:
Hahaha. He looks drunk. I swear he's not, but he totally looks like he's been tossing a few back. He's so freaking cute with his two little teeth and his crazy hair and his chipmunk cheeks. Awwwwwww!

Okay. Now to the books!
Book #60 - Review: Going All In (Three of a Kind #1) by Jess Dee - Sexy threesome story with poker. God, there are so many jokes I could choose from that I don't know where to start.
Book #61 - Bloodlust by Larissa Ione - A short erotic horror story with blood and guts and death!
Book #62 - Lone Star Trouble by Autumn Piper - Unfortunately, I disliked the main character so much that I couldn't enjoy this book. Boo.
In My Mailbox (02/06/11) - All free this week. I got some decent ones, too. Sometimes the free ones are real stinkers so this is a good thing.

I am done now.
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Thursday, December 16th, 2010 09:37 pm
Do any of you guys have a task that you absolutely hate doing? For me, it's cleaning the shower. I don't mind cleaning the bathroom, but the shower makes me cringe. I don't actually know the last time I cleaned it for real. Most of the time I do this half-assed job that probably doesn't actually clean it at all. The moral of this story is that I need to clean my shower. >:|

Random hair story that I forgot to tell yesterday: I dye my hair dark red. When my stylist mixes up the color it usually looks like some awesome punk neon pink COLOR! in the bowl. Well, this last time, she used a different brand or something and I swear that the mix color was Strawberry Shortcake Pink. I was having visions of my hair turning out like this:

And I don't mean just her hair. I mean the whole package. Shades of frilly pink. Can you image me with pastel pink hair? I CAN'T!

Anyway. I have book stuff to share.
Book #268 - Up On the Housetop (Kyron Pack #1) by Suzanne Rock - I love free books!
Book #269 - Angel's Master by Sandra Sookoo - I don't even know how this book went from a fun historical pirate book to a paranormal romance. I just don't get it.
Book Blogger Hop & Follow Friday - I want to write a book about demon werewolves now. Also, my mind is full of smut.

And that's it!
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Saturday, October 30th, 2010 09:07 pm
I've got the whole Halloween party thing going on today. I shanghaied [ profile] jenah, [ profile] kimbrchick and [ profile] malkovich03 for an afternoon/evening of food, movies and fun. We watched Predators and Predator because after watching the Adrien Brody movie, we had a hankering for the original. Plus, Kim had never seen the original and, well, it's just a good movie. Now we're watching Paranormal Activity. Now, this isn't my favorite movie but it definitely has its moments. Also, I think it's scaring the pants off of the ladies. Ha! I love it when that happens.

Before the festivities, the kids carved pumpkins. Which means that I have pictures.

Cute kids, huh? I especially like the one with the bowl of pumpkin guts. Guts!

Okay. Books. Stuff about books.
Book #230 - Torment (Fallen #2) by Lauren Kate - As the second book in a trilogy, it doesn't end the way I want it to but it does give me that epic tingly feeling. That epic, lovely, tingly feeling that comes from a well-crafted story.

30 days of books... Day 48 - Werewolves!
On My Wishlist (week 8) - Gothic YA, Faeries, and creepy maids. Nice.

Okay. Time to finish the movie.
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Thursday, October 28th, 2010 10:03 pm
Yo! I had a ebook talk-thing, or maybe they referred to it as an e-publishing seminar, at the Morgan Hill library that I was planning on going to tonight. Then I found out that Rachel Caine (author of the outstanding Morganville Vampires series) was going to be doing a signing in Palo Alto, which is about 45 minutes away from where I live. So I blew off the e-pub thing and went to the signing. I loved it! First off, it was a panel with three authors. At first, I had some issues with the etiquette involved when there was more than one author present. Like, do you just go to the author you know? Do you buy a book from the other author/s? Do you ignore them and hope they don't make eye contact? These were questions that were gnawing on me.

When I got there (extremely early, mind you), I took a look at the books by the other authors but I didn't know which were the first in the series or anything. So I just settled myself in and decided to play things by ear.

First off, Rachel Caine also got there early and she not only thanked me for being there, she gave me a hug for being so damn early. Yes, I tweeted that. It was cool. I was like, dude. Then, one of the authors was cracking my shit up. Cracking. She writes Zombie books of the humorous variety and she was all decked out with a Zombie shirt and a clutching hand hair clip and severed hand earrings. She was basically wearing the most outstanding outfit EVER. And she was funny. Deeply, nonsensically funny. So I bought the first book in her series and the first book in the other author's series and had TEN BOOKS signed by Rachel Caine. Plus I took pictures.

The one with Stacey Jay (the Zombie author) is a little blurry, but you get the point. Isn't Rachel Caine just awesome. She signed TEN BOOKS for me. TEN! I also scored a new bracelet (from the other author who I didn't take a picture with) and some bookmarks. Sweet!

Best day ever? Maybe. More exciting than an e-publishing talk at my local library? Oh, yeah.

Anyway. Book stuff that doesn't have to do with hugging and/or Zombies.
Booking Through Thursday - Skeletons on the Bookshelf - Where I somehow start babbling about how I don't like LJ Smith. Umm, yeah. That totally wasn't the topic, Kel.
30 days of books... Day 46 - Arrgh! Plunder on the high seas! Now with virtuous maidens and lusty captains!

Umm, that coffee I drank earlier was possibly laced with some sort of drug. You know, like caffeine. Or something. *blink, blink*
I'm out.
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Sunday, October 17th, 2010 09:31 pm
I had a really fun birthday. Today I slept in (OMG! DID YOU HEAR THAT?!?!), ate, had cake, opened presents and did all the other things that one generally does on their birthday.

But yesterday, oh yesterday. First off, I was carted off to San Francisco to see Cherie Priest at Borderlands. I'd never been to a book signing before and it was ... neat. I think there were around 30 people there so it felt small and intimate. I got 5 of my personal books singed and 2 more that I'm going to give away on my book blog. Cherie was a total sweetheart and took pictures with me while signing my pile of books. Pictorial proof:

I have other pictures but most of them were taken while she was signing so her head was down. I actually got out of line and put myself, Eric and Mal at the end of the line so that I had a few extra minutes to talk to her. It was just awesomely fun.

As a bonus, Borderlands is a used bookstore that specializes in Horror, Sci-fi and Fantasy books only. It was like walking into a store dedicated to my childhood.

After the signing we went to the bar where Mal's husband was hanging out watching teh Giants game. I got the world's biggest drink and proceeded to get my buzz on. Unintentionally, mind you. I really thought it was going to be a normal sized drink, not something big enough to pull stray planetary bodies into it's orbit. Then we went to dinner at a tiny, little seafood place where I discovered that I don't like raw oysters (they tasted like I was licking the beach. A sandy, dirty, cesspool of humanity beach. Yuck). We went to a little Italian coffee shop after and I had a delicious piece of cake while Mal and her husband sucked down espresso.

Then I came home and sat for a while eyeballing my haul of signed Cherie Priest books while I giggled to myself. It was pretty awesome.

So, that was my birthday. *fist pump*

And now onto the bookish stuff...
30 days of books... Day 35 - Free Kindle books make me smile.
In My Mailbox - Lots of books. Lots and lots of books. Love!

Okay. I'm done.
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Saturday, October 9th, 2010 09:51 pm
Hailey's been running a fever all day today and she was throwing up last night. Yet, she was still willing to play at her soccer game this morning. The amazing thing? She scored a goal even while feeling poorly. What a girl! So since she played at her game, I did an extended Zombie Watch that carried over to our trip to the pumpkin patch.

Do you know what that means? Pictures!

Umm, that's my official pumpkin patch jacket, btw. I've worn it every year for the past ... few. I don't really know how many. A lot. Weirdly, this is the only time of year I wear it.

Okay, book stuff.
Book #205 - Ghost Exterminator (Karmic Consultants #2) by Vivi Andrews - Funny and good. The last time I read a 'funny' book, I found it to be neither.
Book #206 - Stone's Embrace: A Captive Souls Story by Delilah Devlin - Dudes. I had no idea sexy time with an inanimate object could be so hot.
Book #207 - Dominique's Release: A Captive Souls Story by Kimberly Kaye Terry - Well, at least I enjoyed the other two.

30 days of books... Day 27 - Mummified corpses! In an abandoned mental hospital! I'm in literary heaven.

As an aside, I've had so much fun going through my 'to-read' books for this meme that I think I'm going to keep it up until I work my way through the entire list. So, thanks, [ profile] katikat, for starting this. I'm having a blast and I'm starting to clear through some of the books that have been lingering for ages.

And finally, on the topic of books, one of the things I love about Twitter is how you can have these cool little interactions with people. I've been chatting with a few of my favorite authors and it's been so so so so sosososo much fun.

Okay. That's enough out of me.
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Thursday, October 7th, 2010 08:05 pm
I have had an insanely productive day. If by "insanely productive" I mean a day that's all about books. As many of them have been lately. But before I get into that ... PICTURES!

So, yeah. The decorating is mostly finished. I still have to assemble the graveyard because there was a teeny, tiny duct tape emergency. As in, I totally ran out. And the table scene will have a skeleton as soon as I wire up the poor guy's joints so he can be posed.

Okay. Now onto the books.
First off, I cracked the 200 book barrier. That would be 200 books that I've read this year. Not counting same-year re-reads. Because I have rules about those sorts of things. I'm excited about this. I don't think I've ever read this much in one year. It might be vaguely annoying to people reading this poor journal, but I'm kinda thrilled.
Book #199 - Unholy Magic (Downside Ghosts #2) by Stacia Kane - I am bat-shit INSANE for this series. I adore it. I don't know how I'm going to contain myself until Book #4 comes out.
Book #200 - City of Ghosts (Downside Ghosts #3) by Stacia Kane - Seriously, guys. I bought this around 5 last night and stayed up until 2 am to finish it. Yes, it's that good.
Book #201 - Weaved for Pleasure: Sinclair by Stella and Audra Price - It can't hold a candle to the Downside Ghosts but I still enjoyed it.
Book #202 - Wolf Signs (Granite Lake Wolves #1) by Vivian Arend - A free e-book through Borders. Perfect because I'd been wanting to read this series and this gave me the perfect opportunity.

30 days of books... Day 25 - One thing I like about this meme is that it's bringing a lot of books I'd let linger on my to-read shelf to mind. Now I want to read this one.
Booking Through Thursday - Books and Travel - How many books do you pack on vacation?

Randomly, I was chatting with the Bree half of Moira Rogers on Twitter (@moirarogersbree) and I ended up winning one of her books from her. Lovely. Plus, one of their newer books is a free download through Borders so I scored 2 new Moira Rogers books for nothing.

So. Good day? I'd say so.
Gotta get the kiddo to finish his homework.
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Friday, October 1st, 2010 08:39 pm
Oh, Twitter. You and I have become such good friends since I bought my smart phone. Now I can post stupid and annoying pictures of myself doing things that no sane person would normally do at all hours of the day and night. I can take pictures of my shoes and socks and fingerless gloves. You never mock me for doing this, Twitter, and for that I thank you. You take my pictures and you put them up on your website and let the entire internet gasp in awe at my over-the-knee socks.

Now that it's almost Halloween I can post pictures of me decorating my house. Like this:

If you can't tell, that's a heart dangling on the side. Oh, man, I love Halloween. I glued all those spiders on by myself. There was a whole glue incident and I've been peeling glue off my fingertips for the bulk of the day. Maybe I'm down to skin now. I don't know. Does it really matter?

One thing I've learned from all this, dear Twitter, is that the bulk of authors I follow are all as sadistic as hell and they like to torment their creations. This is somewhat like a mad scientist, I think. Which is interesting since it's October and I've just hung a heart from the table outside. I kinda feel like I've found my place in the world. And that's all thanks to you, Twitter. You've made me realize that wearing at least one piece of skull-adorned clothing everyday and liking tattoos on men and saying "fuck" often and loudly are normal. Well, normal for people who talk to themselves and write about imaginary people.

Yep, I fit right in.

Speaking of which, tomorrow's Zombie Watch should be starting around 10:30 or so. Bring it!

Okay, enough about my Twitter love.
Books. Things that go book in the night. All things bookish.
Book Blogger Hop - I posted this last night but I'm kinda in love with the banner I made and I want everybody to look at it and tell me how utterly awesome I am. No, really. Tell me. I won't mind.
30 days of books... Day 19 - A series I wanted to read but couldn't get into. Yet I still have one of the books. Go figure.
An awesome contest held by one of my favorite authors! - Moira Rogers and Vivian Arend are teaming up to give out a virtual ton of books. You don't have to do anything but tell them you're interested. Free books, guys. Free books. That is all.

Okay. Enough babbling. I have to get tomorrow's early morning post put together so I can go out and make sure the Zombies don't invade Morgan Hill any more than they already have with a clear conscience. Which reminds me: I'm writing motherfucking Zombie Apocalypse fiction with the outstanding [ profile] oddmonster. That girl has some mad writing skillz.

I'm out.
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Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 08:47 pm
Okay, guys. I did it. I printed out my unedited manuscript for a read-through/first-pass edit. This is just to catch all the glaring errors, whether they're grammatical, plot or whatever. I'll be taking notes while I'm reading to patch up any major plot holes and to smooth out whatever rough edges I run across.

I'm going to be honest here, I'm a little terrified of this part of the writing process. It's overwhelming and mind-boggling and I've never done something for a project of this size. The fear ratcheted up about 300% after I took a good, long look at this ...

Holy smokes. That's a lot of paper. I'm skimming through it in a really haphazard way and I don't remember writing some of it. I was possessed or something. Oh, well, as long as the writing's good who am I to complain?

Anyway. Bookish stuff.
30 days of books... Day 17 - Anthologies are my Kryptonite.
Waiting on Wednesday - The Iron Duke - Steampunk is my genre of choice this week. Zombies are always a plus.

I'm still reading Dreadnought and I'm so in love with it it's ridiculous. Don't you love it when a book just sucks you in and pummels you with delicious words? I do.

So there you have it.
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Sunday, September 26th, 2010 08:19 pm
Damn, it was hot today. There was sweat. And a blazing sun. I didn't enjoy it. Tomorrow it's supposed to be up over 100F. Fuuuuuck.

I did do some Zombie watching when I dragged the kids out to the Taste of Morgan Hill this morning. I looked for Zombies, but I only found Hailey and Cole.

Oh, and I might have gone shopping at the Halloween store ...

I have so many damn ideas for how I'm going to decorate for Halloween. Be afraid!

Anyway. Book stuff:
Book #192 - A Great and Terrible Beauty (Gemma Doyle #1) by Libba Bray - Not quite what I was expecting, but still enjoyable.
My Fall Catch-Up Read-A-Thon Final Wrap-Up! - 6 books! Yes!
30 days of books... Day 14 - What do you do when you accidentally buy the fourth book in a series? You let the book sit there and percolate.
In My Mailbox - A recap of the books I bought and won this week.

Uggh. Is it really almost October? When did that happen?
I'm out.