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Saturday, November 26th, 2011 08:30 pm
Oh, journal! What a long, strange couple of months it's been. I almost don't even know where to start.

Since it's November, I'm participating in NaNoWriMo as I do every year. I've written close to 60K words on an Epic Zombie Masterpiece that is currently lacking zombies. I nearly gave myself a week long heart attack when my computer caught a nasty virus about a week and a half ago and I had to reformat the hard drive. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue since I keep all the important stuff on my external hard drive. However, this virus snuck in and hid all my external hard drive files.

I went from being at 32K words on my NaNo story to...OMG!WHERE'D IT GO? over the course of one agonizing night. I persevered and kept writing, despite not knowing what was going to happen with the first half of my novel or even if I'd be able to retrieve it. Fortunately, I have an awesome cousin who popped over one night and found all the files and fixed them up for me right good.

This was just about the most fantastic thing ever and I'm so thrilled to say that everything has now been recovered and backed up in triplicate. Also, I have so kicked NaNo's ass this year.

I've been very neglectful of all my online sites lately as I attempted to get things up and running, blah, blah, blah. However, Twitter and I have become extremely close and I'm turning into an insane tweeter. INSANE.

I won't be such a stranger in the future. I promise. I think.
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Monday, July 18th, 2011 09:09 pm
Today is a HUGE birthday day amongst my family and friends.
My sweet niece, who often drives me crazy, is celebrating her birthday in Disney World.
Happy Birthday, Hailey-Bug!

My big sis, far away in Hawaii enjoying the sun and surf (in theory).
Happy Birthday, Tracy!

My favorite bibliophile who moved across the country but still manages to keep in touch like a CHAMP and prod me to write my part of our Zompocalypse story!
Happy Birthday, [ profile] oddmonster!

That's a lot of birthdays. I'm all worn out now.

Anyway. Onto the not as joyous stuff. As you can see, I'm online again after the Great Computer Outage of 2011. The technician ran a slew of tests and everything came back looking good. He admitted that there's been a lot of calls about slow and non-responsive internettedness and it looks like there are just too many people using too little ... whatever it's called. So, yeah. That sucks. But we're back up and running and we're going to try to keep track of when and how often we lose connection to see if it's worth changing providers. I'm not feeling terribly optimistic about this, to be honest. Meh. We'll see.

I have a ton of stuff to talk about but I'm going to talk book for a minute and save the funny stuff for tomorrow. Maybe.
Book #285 - Changeless (The Parasol Protectorate #2) by Gail Carriger - These books are so freaking FUNNY. I love the tone they're written in and how utterly absurd some of escapades the characters find themselves in the middle of are.
Book #286 - Lights, Camera...Monsters (Monsters in Hollywood #1) by Lila Dubois - I know these books won't be for everyone but I thought this one was sexy and fun. Sex with monsters! Who knew I'd get such a kick out of it?

Out of the blue today, my mom says "One month until the kids are back in school." It really does seem like they just finished school and now we're going to have to gear up for a new year. Crazy.

Okay. I'm off to finish the 3rd Parasol Protectorate book.
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Sunday, May 1st, 2011 11:07 pm
Well, it looks like I have good news on the computer front. I'm not quite holding my breath yet but so far whatever virus I picked up Friday night seems to have been contained. On the plus side, my computer is running so so so much faster now. Which makes me wonder how long that virus was noodling around before I caught it.

The thing that bothers me about this whole situation is that I'm not lax on my internet/computer security. I have firewalls and 3 different virus/anti-spyware sweeps that I run every week. Two of them run twice a week each. That's 5 separate scans I run. Every week. Yet the one that picked up the issue wasn't either of the two I pay a subscription to. How is that right? Why am I paying money for a service that isn't catching the things it's supposed to catch?

Not that I'm going to get rid of any of the paid ones or anything. Not after having the pants scared off of me so recently. I'm just... confused. The free software is doing a better job than the ones I pay for. The world is a crazy, crazy place.

Okay. Enough computer talk.

Cole had a flag football game today. He had two awesome interceptions, one of which he ran in for a touchdown. Yay! My kid is kinda cool. Which reminds me that I took him to get his whooping cough vaccination on Friday (do all incoming 7th graders need to show proof of vaccination or is it just in California?) and now his poor arm is all swollen with some sort of reaction. I'm watching it to make sure it doesn't get any worse and so far it looks like a typical vaccination reaction (my kid is dramatical in situations like this). Poor guy. He already hates getting shots and now he has to deal with a sore, swollen arm. On the plus side, I seriously doubt he'll ever be one of those rebels who gets tattoos and piercings because of the whole needle issue. Unlike his mom, might I add. Because I've had piercings in the past (belly button), I'm thinking of getting a piercing now (eyebrow and possibly more) and I have tattoos. If I ever get into tip-top shape I'll treat myself to another tattoo, too.

In some ways my kid is exactly like me and in others we are polar opposites.

Okay. Book stuff.
Book #172 - Predators of Darkness (Darkness #1) by Leonard D. Hilley II - An interesting take on shifters, I just had some minor issues with the willful blindness of some of the things that took place.
Book #173 - One Foot in the Grave (Night Huntress #2) by Jeaniene Frost - This book was GOOOOOOD. Sexy, fast-paced and well-written. Lovely. Just lovely.
Book #174 - Danann Frost Falls From Grace by Joanne Valiukas - This is one of those books that I'm totally torn on. I like some things and I loathed others.
In My Mailbox - An itty-bitty mailbox this week. One book. One. It looks so lonely sitting there. :(

Okay. I'm done. More or less.
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Saturday, April 30th, 2011 12:09 pm
I've had a crazy insane bizarre night and early morning.

My computer picked up a virus last night which led to me freaking out, doing something stupid and spending hours afterward working on fixing it. Seriously, being without a computer is just about the weirdest thing ever. Normally I'd Google the crap out of the pop-ups I was getting to figure out what's going on. Without a computer and internet access I CAN'T GOOGLE ANYTHING. It was terrible, horrible, awful. I almost cried. Not really. But I was reaching maximum entropy by the time I got everything straightened out.

I do wish I was a little more computer savvy. I can do all the basic stuff and I can usually figure out what I need to do to fix the little things but when it comes to major troubleshooting I start worrying that I'm going to shut down something critical and be stuck with a dead carcass of a computer and no way to resurrect it from the great beyond.

Anyway. I ended up running 3 different anti-virus/anti-spyware programs over the course of my "fixing" and one of them looks like it caught the problem and blasted that motherfucker into oblivion. I hope. Of course, I might be totally wrong and I'm going to get home tonight to a fried computer and a lot of weeping.

In other much happier news: Today Ryan turns ONE! Yay for the little booger! I'm missing his party due to work but I've been assured that the family will make sure some of the delicious food is put aside for me. THEY BETTER BE TELLING ME THE TRUTH! It won't be pretty if they're lying.

Now onto the bookish stuff:
Book #170 - Past Midnight (Past Midnight #1) by Mara Purnhagen - It's amazing how much more sense a series makes when you start with book #1. Seriously.
Book #171 - Laid Bare (Brown Siblings 31) by Lauren Dane - This book is smoking hot. SMOKING! Plus, I got a really nice twitter message form Lauren Dane thanking me for my review. AWESOME!

It's been so busy at work today that I haven't had time to even pull my book out of my bag. Can you believe that? I bitch about it when it's slow but I think I much prefer that lazy pace to people coming in to talk to me. Arrgh!

My one goal today is to write up the review on the book I finished on Monday. I can't believe I've let it sit so long without writing it yet. I feel like I'm failing at something here. Something huge and epic and other really big stuff. But not really. Because, you know, as much as I love writing up reviews and being all recommendation-y with books I love, I can't take myself too seriously or my brain will hurt. So yeah. I have this book sitting here waiting for me to review it. It's cool.

Okay. Time to get back to work.
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Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 10:24 pm
I have spent the day trying to clean up my computer. I noticed that it had been taking longer and longer to boot up recently, so I ran a couple of different virus sweeps, defragged the little beauty and just tried to be a good computer mommy in general. I think it's running faster now, but it's kinda hard to tell. Unless I want to shut it down and let it boot up again. Which I don't. I'll see tomorrow when I start it up.

You know, it's later than I thought. When did that happen?

Okay onto the bookish stuff:
Book #19 - 47 Echo by Shawn Kupfer - I feel like I keep repeating myself here: This isn't my normal type of book, but I got a kick out of it.
Endlessly Quotable: City of Bones (part 2) - I really had forgotten how much I loved this book. Which is weird since I just read it 4 months ago.
Teaser Tuesday (01/11/11) - Dead bodies, lies, flawed heroines and ... interior decorating?

I must say that it was a good reading day.
And that's about all I can say.
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Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 08:59 pm
I almost had a heart attack this morning when my wireless connection kept refusing to connect. Seriously, it was horrible. I was doing everything it told me to do and it just kept maliciously laughing at me. Bastard machine. I fixed it, though, when I restarted the damn thing and forced it go through its startup routine a second time. And, lo, it worked. Which is a good thing or I would have been... without the internet all day? Terrible! Terrible! See, there's something to be said for using brute force and coercion on inanimate objects.

Okay. Nano stats:

Check that out! I have less than 3000 words to write for the month and still be considered a winner at NaNo and it's only the 17th. I can totally do that, guys! Totally!

Randomly, today is Donation Day for NaNoWriMo. Since the guys who run this are a non-profit, they rely on these donations to continue rolling out this program every year. Less than 4% of the people who participate have donated thus far. When I think of how awesome it is that people around the world have been brought together for this novel writing experience and only 4% think it's worthwhile enough for them to donate even a few dollars, it makes me sad.

Yes, I did donate. If I could have done more than I did, I would have. This particular NaNo has been one of the funnest I've ever participated in. Mostly because I'm doing well at it, but let's not get into that now, shall we?

Okay, my Public Service Announcement is over. You all can uncover your eyes.

Bookish stuff. Things of a bookish variety.
I'm rereading the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead as part of a re-read challenge and to get back in full-on VA mode since the final book is coming out in a few weeks.
I posted a review for Vampire Academy last night. I already read the entire series earlier this year, so it doesn't count toward my yearly goal (Kelly's rules for book reading in the new millennium, Article 6), but I'm absolutely loving being able to go back and write these in-depth reviews and roll around with the characters all over again.

Waiting on Wednesday - Last Sacrifice - And here's the 6th (and final) book in the VA series. It comes out on December 7th. I have plenty of time to finish up the series before then.
30 days of books... Day 66 - Best line out of this synopsis: Those well versed in fantasy novels and role playing games a plus. That is AWESOME!

Okay. I have to go get Cole up and moving toward bed.
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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 09:01 pm
Two days later than I was planning on posting it, but here it is. Chapter 5 - Circles and Salt

My computer is slower than the slowest slow thing you can think of. Only it's not my computer. It's the internet connection. My mom was complaining about it also. Annoying!

I read a book last night. Stop acting like this is out of the ordinary.
Book #40 - No Humans Involved (Women of the Otherworld #7) by Kelley Armstrong - One of my other favorite werewolves (besides Elena and Clay and Nick and Derek and ... all the other guys), North American Pack Alpha Jeremy Danvers, finally gets to cut loose when he travels to Hollywood to join Necromancer Jaime Vegas as she films a TV special. With Jaime as the narrator, the two of them help right some grievous wrongs and finally take the next step in the relationship they've been dancing around for the past four years.

One of the interesting things I've seen in Jaime's character is that she was originally portrayed as the ultimate party girl. She takes home guys she doesn't know, she can play the ditzy, air-headed celebrity with easy and yet she's smart enough to know when not to rush a relationship with Jeremy because he's not mentally ready for something long term. Kelley Armstrong did a great job juxtaposing those two sides of her. Jaime may not be the smartest or the fastest or the deadliest of the Supernaturals but she wields a power that can be terrifying if not tempered with her innate morality.

I did the whole car thing. $1300 worth of work. But I'd neglected the poor girl for a while and the work was needed. BFF Megan was kind enough to pick me up from the shop and drop me off at home, so we got to spend a little more time together on this visit.

The boy is kinda driving me crazy.
It must be bed time.
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Wednesday, January 20th, 2010 06:47 am
Temporal disturbances AHOY!

Yesterday my computer clock was a couple of hours off. Annoying, but whatever. Today? A couple of years. Currently, my computer is residing in the year 2006. January 1st, 2006, to be exact. It's 12:53 AM. Umm ... No. It's really not. Or... is it.

So. I'm thinking that there's something wrong with my computer. Anybody have any ideas on what I can do to fix it? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? This might explain why my virus scan was running at an odd time the other morning. Odd time, as in "not at 5 pm when it normally does although it was on the right day".

The thing I love about this is that LJ picks up the date from the computer so if I posted this entry as is I'd be posting in 2006. AWESOME! I'm traveling through time and I had no idea!

I'm out!
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Sunday, May 31st, 2009 12:03 pm
Holy fuck! I just changed my monitor over to a gorgeous one that's ... actually, I don't know how big it is, I just know it's bigger than the one I had ... and it's beyond AWESOME! It's HUGE! And I'm all ... O_o ... niiiiiccccce.

I did have to buy speakers to go with it since my old monitor had speakers in it, but it was a small price to pay for a free monitor that's 11111100000000% better than my old one. Plus, these speakers do sound way better. Music! Yay!

I must return later. Also, I must draw you. Hahahaha! I had a lot of coffee today. Hee!

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Friday, April 10th, 2009 07:08 pm
Wow. Sometimes I can speak the words of prophecy so clearly that even my head rings.
My last Twitter comment on Wednesday night was "I really need to get away from the comp for a while." Early Thursday morning, someone cut some fiber optic cables in South San Jose and we had no home phone or cell phone service and NO INTERNET! Our phones came back late last night but our internet just came back up! JUST! I had a lot of emails to wade through. Holy smokes.

The moral of this story is that I'm not Twittering any more prophetic Tweets for a while. You know, maybe a week or so. Because that was downright creepy. I'm going to talk about coffee and worms. For an entire week. Maybe also tomatoes. Promise!

Our dog is adorably sweet. She's sleeping in the middle of my bed right now as Hailey and I are watching a zombie movie. Typing that, I'm not sure if I'm more worried about the dog sleeping on my bed (I don't want it to be a normal occurrence) or the fact that my five year old niece and I are watching a zombie movie. Hmm. I'll have to think about it.

Cole and Hailey are both on Spring Break this next week and of course I get my first assignment for the writing website. That's going to be cool. Good thing they're only 250 words apiece. I'm sure I can get it done.

Hailey wants me to sit with her because the zombies are "creepy". Too cute.
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Sunday, March 8th, 2009 09:38 pm
Day 8 of the 30 in 30 is up at [ profile] blabapalooza. So is Day 7, I just didn't post here yesterday and hence didn't mention it. So, FYI, don't do your horror movie research with a 5 and 9 year old in the room when both kids will feel the need to sleep with you afterward becasue the movie was "too scary". Oops. My bad. Also, if you do decide to go this route you might want to pick a movie that doesn't have quite as much swearing in it. Double oops. For example, Slither is not the best movie to watch with kids. Apparently, Ginger Snaps isn't either. I would have turned it off, but I really needed to finish watching it so I could get my review up.

Yeah, I'm a bad mom.

Anyway. I went a-visiting with [ profile] jenahville yesterday. I'm almost completely caught up on all my shows because she makes me watch things that I would otherwise put off. It's a good thing. We also watched 2 eps of Firefly. I have so much love for that show. LOVE! She also burned a bunch of stuff off my hard drive for me so that I can clear up some space. I guess I'll have to eventually break down and either get my DVD burner fixed (not entirely sure what's wrong with it, but it won't recognize blank DVDs) or buy an external one, because these discs she made for me are AWESOME!

Well, I have a lot of stuff planned for tomorrow. Stuff like emailing people and going through Cole's pants to figure out which ones still fit him. Fun stuff.

I'm done!
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Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 06:44 pm
I have a ridiculous amount of comments to catch up on. I'm not even sure some of my responses will be relevant at this point. Disco is still the wave of the future, right? I mean, I'm not so hopelessly out of date that my neon leg warmers are ready to make a comeback. Or am I?

Yeah, I've been wrapped up in my own little world lately. It consists of taking my son to school, reading an insane amount of words, and worrying about when I'm going to get to move into my house. That said, I took Cole to school this morning, started a new book while I had my hair done, signed some paperwork for my house (not the big stuff, just some minor paperwork), went to lunch with my mom (wherein we talked about the new house and how much longer it would take to get into it), picked Cole up from school, stopped at Target to buy some school supplies (of which they were out of quite a bit) and came home. I decided to try to chain my events together today since I had things to do in MH and didn't feel like driving back and forth.

Now I'm back to work tomorrow after my two lovely days off. Boo.

I did finish a book, though.
Book #86 - The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall by Anne McCaffrey - A bunch of short stories. They were good.

I also had to ferry my mom to Best Buy to buy a new computer. Her old one (it was only a year and a half old!) just died. The tech said it was the motherboard and it would cost more to fix it than the computer was worth. Okay. We bought a pretty new Dell that's amazingly fast and very quiet. Such a change over the old one.

Alright. I'm done.
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Monday, April 28th, 2008 08:48 pm
You know how as a parent you sometimes get roped into doing things and you're like "How did I end up doing all the work?"


Cole has his Young Author's Fair book due on Wednesday. He's written it, don't get me wrong, but I had promised him that I'd help him edit it. The book/notebook he wrote the rough draft in didn't leave me enough room to do any actual editing. Hence, I told him that I'd type it up on the computer with the spelling and grammar corrections already corrected for him. Yeah. I just typed up the whole damn story for him. And the kid kept disappearing to do "other stuff" while I was doing this.

Excuse me! Did you just wake me up? Did you rub my lamp? You're getting your wishes! Now sit down!


So, the thing's typed and I'm forcing him to do the cover of the book (a drawing of the lands in his story) and now my printer is out of ink. Blah. I think I'm going to throw it onto my flash drive and make my mom print it up tomorrow on her printer. I can't imagine that I'm going to have time to go buy new ink between work and the seminar thing I'm going to tomorrow night on house buying.

My fingers are doing much better, though.

I'm out.
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Saturday, March 29th, 2008 07:40 pm
I couldn't figure out why my time stamps were all screwed up on everything I was doing on the comp (my iTunes especially) and then it hit me that my comp was set like Daylight Saving hadn't happened yet. Duh. So I reset it and now life is good. Yes, things like that bother me.

Speaking of iTunes, I've been working on my music again. It's so organized it shines. SHINES! It makes me all giddy on the inside. I've also been weeding through the songs and taking out those that I consistently skip past. I figure that if I skip it every time it comes on why am I bothering to have it on in the first place. For the most part, I took off a bunch of music that I had added for our Disneyland trip back in October. I didn't mind listening to it then but I don't have an urge now. I'm down to less than 10 gigs of music. Cool. So much room to add more.

Cole's gearing up to watch the Kid's Choice Awards in a few minutes. I'm not looking forward to it as much as he is. I guess this gives me a reason to finish my book. And maybe start another one. I ordered another 5 or so books from Amazon. I have to learn to clear out my back pile of books before ordering more. Yeah, like that'll happen.

I feel like I'm all over the place, topic-wise.

Okay. I guess I'm going to finish my book. Awesome!
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Wednesday, March 26th, 2008 10:50 pm
My computer's working. Now I'm just cleaning up my iTunes which somehow ended up duplicating about 2500 songs when I moved it from my C drive to my external drive. *face palm* I actually followed the instructions on that also.

I'm so glad I took today off.

I'm off to bed.
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Monday, March 24th, 2008 07:02 pm
I'm mildly irritated right now. I managed to do a system restore on my computer but now I'm having all sorts of problems with my wireless connection. If I remember correctly, this is the problem I had when I first installed the thing but I can't for the life of me remember what I did to get it running properly again. So, I'm stuck using my mom's computer. Blech! Anyway. The system restore worked although it set me back to default factory settings so I'm deleting a bunch of stuff that I just don't need. I'll also need to re-download several of my oft used programs because those didn't make it over. I'm without my iTunes and a bunch of other things but I do have my computer so I can't complain too much.

I think I've said enough.
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Friday, March 21st, 2008 06:30 pm
I'm sad. There's something wrong with my computer. :( It doesn't want to boot up all the way. So I'm stuck on my mom's computer (which is nowhere near as glorious as mine, plus it's really loud) and must wait until Sunday to do anything about it. Why Sunday? Because that's when my super, brilliant, completely awesome and computer savvy cousin is visiting and may be able to work out the kinks. I love my family.

Since I have no computer and Cole's out of town, I'm going out to dinner with some of the guys from work. I'll drown my sorrows in a glass (or two) of hard cider. That makes everything better.

Now I'm done.
Look. I have no music today. :(
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Sunday, October 28th, 2007 06:21 pm
Omg! I have so much to post about.
First ... Book #88 - A Stroke of Midnight by Laurell K. Hamilton - The more I read this series the more I like it. In fact I just ordered the next 2 books so I can get a little more of my Fey fix on. Anyway. Fairies! Yay! And not sweet and playful fairies, fairies that would rip your guts out and feed them to you. Awesome.

Second -- I took my computer in to Best Buy today and it's all fixed. It was amazing. The even better thing? They didn't charge me for it. Overall, a pretty good Best Buy trip. Much better than the time I went there to pick up the Indiana Jones trilogy and they only had it in full screen. Blech.

Third ~~~ I really want to talk about Disneyland. So I will! )

There may be more later. I'm just not sure.
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Saturday, October 27th, 2007 06:08 pm
OMG! My computer has done something really bizarre and I don't know how to fix it. It uninstalled my wireless software and now it won't recognize my wireless card. Weird. I think I'm going to have to break down and send it in. Boo. But I'm sick of my comp not working so I'm going to do it.

Okay. Onto other stuff.
Book #86 - Seduced by Moonlight by Laurell K. Hamilton - Okay. I've read this book before. I thought I hadn't so I took it with me on vacation since H gave me the next book in the series for my birthday and I really wanted to read it. BUT I HAD READ IT! Crazy. Even crazier? I didn't really remember what was going to happen until I read it. I don't know where my brain's been lately. Still, good book. I think it's the 4th in the Merry Gentry series. Maybe it's the 5th. Or the 3rd. I don't really know.

Book #87 - A Darker Crimson by Carolyn Jewel - 3rd in the Crimson City series. I didn't really like this author's style. She jumped scenes really, really quickly and half the time you wouldn't know what was going on until a couple of paragraphs into the new scene. It was frustrating. However, she had this awesome description of an insane vampire trapped in a dead city that made my imagination go into overdrive. So, that was good. The good thing about this series is that all but the 1st and last books are written by different authors so even though I didn't really care for this author's style the next book will be a whole new ballgame.


I have Disneyland stuff to talk about. Anybody care to hear it? I may come back tonight and babble. I don't want to forget all the weirdness that happened.

For now? I'm off. I still have a few shows to catch up on and I may just get to that. Later.
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Tuesday, August 28th, 2007 10:59 am
Is it bad when it's only 11 in the morning and you already feel like you need a nap? *yawners*

Book #70 - Pawn of Prophecy (Book one of the Belgariad) by David Eddings - To start with, this was a super fast read. It's the set-up book for the next 4 books in the series and it took me about 2.5 hours. So, yes. I finished it last night. Anyway. For those that have read any sort of epic fantasy-type stories before this is what this is. You have a prophecy, a couple of sorcerers and a thing of immense power that has been stolen and must be retrieved. You also have the boy that's at the center of said prophecy but who knows nothing about who he is or what he's expected to do. My understanding is that David Eddings wrote this book to see how he could weave all those fantasy elements into a cohesive and captivating story. Personally, I think he did a very good job. I've also read this entire series several times through (but not yet this year!) and think it's a damn fun read. So, there.

In other news, Cole got off to school just fine. He actually told me that he'd rather be in school than at the daycare. Okay. I absolutely won't argue with that. I still like his teacher, which is no surprise since I liked her last year. I'm a little bored now that no one's home and I have the whole house to myself. Whatever shall I do?!? Oh, wait. I'll read. Or watch 28 Weeks Later (totally unauthorized copy, thank you very much) which I watched 30 minutes of yesterday before Hailey wandered into my room and I thought that freaky zombies were not the thing for a 4 year old to be watching. So, I put in Eight Legged Freaks. Because giant, mutant spiders who devour humans whole is so much better. Word!

I'm off. I'm hoping to have my internet problem fixed tonight. It just needs to be fixed. Like, now.