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"We have three kinds of family. Those we are born to, those who are born to us, and those we let into our hearts."— Sherrilyn Kenyon

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March 27th, 2011

soulswallo: (FF-Quote-The book of my life)
Sunday, March 27th, 2011 09:38 pm
The wee beastly boy (who's getting less wee every time I stand next to hm) spent the day with his dad. Do you want to know what I did while he was gone? I watched movies with Hailey. We started with Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, moved onto Hotel for Dogs, and ended with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Admittedly, I slept through a lot of all three of them but they were on while I was in the room so that must count for something.

Other than that, I did nothing today. Well, I might have read a book or two.
Book #122 - The Vampire's Bride (Atlantis #4) by Gena Showalter - Vampires and Amazon warriors make for an explosive combination.
Book #123 - The Amazon's Curse (Atlantis #5) by Gena Showalter - I liked that the series was tied up but I really wished this had been a full length novel.
In My Mailbox (03/27/11) - Short and sweet this week. I was good and didn't go hog wild with the amazon buying. Yay, me!

I have two more reviews written up which will be posted tomorrow and half of a third. Those 3 books put me at 126 for the year. I was trying really, really hard to hit 130 by the end of this month. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to do that. Pretty sure.

Okay. I have to cart the kid off to bed. He always falls asleep in my room. I don't know why, I just know he does it almost every night.