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"We have three kinds of family. Those we are born to, those who are born to us, and those we let into our hearts."— Sherrilyn Kenyon

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January 22nd, 2011

soulswallo: (Stock-Nature-Oblivion)
Saturday, January 22nd, 2011 09:22 pm
Amber and Phil are up gallivanting about in the snow and they've left their wee baby with us. Guys, I like my nephew but it's been a long time since I had a baby to watch full-time. It's exhausting. I'm exhausted. It's not even that he's bad or anything. He's just a baby. You have to watch him. All the time. And keep him from falling down the hordes of stairs in our house.


We have him tomorrow also. At least until A&P get home. I feel like I should go to bed early to prepare for it.

Okay. Book stuff:
Book #37 - The Iron Witch (The Iron Witch Saga #1) by Karen Mahoney - Lots and lots of fun with this one.
Book #38 - Wilder's Mate (Bloodhounds #1) by Moira Rogers - Guys, I love this cover so much that I want a big ass poster of it to put over my bed. I'll be like a 12 year old girl obsessively cutting out pictures of Justin Beiber from whatever teen-mag is big right now. I just ... want this cover. It's so pretty. Oh, and the book is pretty awesome too!
On My Wishlist (week 18) - Books to finish off a series. Starring Amanda Hocking, Shayla Black and Jill Myles!

Okay. I'm out.
Sweet zombie dreams!